Egyptian Reading

Dr. Sheetal Shaparia
is the only Egyptian Astrologer Reader in the world. She does Ancient Egyptian Reading. This technique is the most unique technique used to predict the individual’s past, present & future aspects of life. This is only one of her specialties, apart from this she also does Coffee Cup Reading, Wine Reading, Iching, Dream Interpretation, Tea Leaf Reading, and Colour reading are just a few to name.

She has done her Ph.D. In Psychology, a vivid TEDx Speaker and a regularly is being featured in many publications like Cosmopolitan, Femina, Grazia, Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, Indian Express, Poona Mirror, and The Pioneer as well as is a TV & Radio personality.

Her clients comprise of many prominent personalities and VVIPs. Her videos related to astrology can be viewed at DTH operators TATA Sky.

She has won many prestigious awards from NDTV, ET Awards, The Woman Iconza Award, Times Aplaude, and Namaste Bahrain to name a few.

The history of this culture has been there since the 2nd Millennium BCE. In the Ancient Egyptians, astrology was immensely significant. The Egyptian zodiac has 12 signs, just like the western zodiac. Egyptian astrology, on the other hand, gives each sign a particular day of the month. Except for the Nile, the ancient Egyptians called the signs of the zodiac after their gods and goddesses.

Egyptian astrologers began designing horoscopes to predict a newborn’s life, just as their

Babylonian counterparts.

Estimating the zodiacal positions of the Moon, Sun, and the five anciently recognized planets- Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn—was necessary for the creation of a horoscope.

The technique that Dr. Sheetal uses consists of a mat containing 36 constellations, figures of

Pyramids and figurines of Egyptian Gods & Goddesses. It also contains 6 dice which have

symbols of the Goddess ISIS.

She rolls the dice and when the dice halt on the board, they form a pattern that describes the reader’s fate from all aspects like Love, Luck, opportunities, Karmic depths, and their entire spiritual journey which gives the direction of the individual entire past, present & future. There are also the Devine Egyptian guidance cards which are picked up by the individual and give guidance in the present situation as to what should be done for helping the individual overall in his journey forward in life.

The Egyptian Moon & the Egyptian Sun signs are a part of the reading which decodes the individuals’ future chart.

Anyone interested in getting a reading done from Dr. Sheetal Shaparia can log on to her Website or contact her at +91- 9082970193 or via Instagram or Facebook or Youtube channel @Sheetalshaparia

General Questions Asked

  1. Expectations for the reading

    * Dr.Sheetal Shaparia will be aware of your desired outcome.

    * Dr.Sheetal Shaparia will view your energy chart and inform you of the procedure for attracting it after receiving your birth date.

    * Dr.Sheetal Shaparia will only discuss the karmic cycle and help you release old pattern.

    The reading will give you information about your love life, health related issue

    This method will incorporate advice from crystals and gemstones.

Every happiness is a hostage to fortune.