Meet Sheetal Shaparia

I was born to a well-known businessman in a plush South Mumbai abode. As a child I often witnessed dreams of me being an ardent Shaivite, who resided in the capital city of Delhi. As years passed the details of my dreams became more pronounced. On the other hand I was gripped by Deja vu leaving me confused and listless in the prime of my girlhood years. I was able to foresee events before they even took place, sometimes inclusive of unmatched clarity of date and time of the event. This inturn would worry me and left me sleepless for several nights in a row. My worried parents left no stones unturned to ensure that I could avail of a peaceful nights rest. A little later, when I hit my teens, I was taken to a very learned Jain sage to seek his blessing on my thirteenth birthday. On recounting my experiences with the saint I discovered the boons of karma. I learnt that her good karma blessed me with the good fortune in my present life. The saint advised me to channel my energies by meditating on a regular basis and take to the path of helping others by using this gift mindfully. As time flew by, my interest in the occult sciences grew, and I sent to some of the best universities to master the art and tap into my psychic self.

Life is a journey

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step....